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Interactive Exhibits

Ground Truth shares the stories of veterans on the ground in Afghanistan.  

Please visit our YouTube channel to continue watching these interviews.

Owen Sound City Walking Tours:

Military Heritage Trail poster with QR Code

Military Heritage Trail 

Discover Owen Sound's military heritage through the  Military Heritage Trail. Come to the museum when we are able to be open, and for now, you can do the trail using your smart phone.  

In their steps walking tour poster with QR

In Their Steps

Starting from the Museum walk the steps of William Alan Bishop, Katherine Wilson, Thomas William Holmes, Allan Dunoon and Clarence David Lapierre. 

This 3.5km walking tour takes you around Owen Sound, so it can be seen like never before

Greenwood Cemetery walking tour loop with QR code

Greenwood Cemetery 

You may know that Owen Sound’s Greenwood Cemetery has three Victoria Cross Recipients interred within it, William Avery Bishop V.C., Thomas Holmes V.C., and David Vivian Currie V.C. 


But, there are many other interesting military figures that have been laid to rest in its grounds since its 1854 creation.  Cemeteries are wonderful places to explore as they contain many generations of stories and the history of a community.

Greenwood Cemetery Loop QR code
Living Memory past exhibit poster about the Polish solider tree


During the Second World War, there was a camp of Polish Soldiers stationed right here in Owen Sound.  Having fled their own country after the German invasion the Polish Government in Exile regrouped and set to the task of reclaiming their country. 

Please visit our website created especially for this exhibit

Near Owen Sound, we have a Polish Soldier Tree symbolizing the living memory of those stationed here during the War. 

Map to Tree is available.


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